Nemesis To Go (nemesis_to_go) wrote,
Nemesis To Go

Blackpool ART attack

As I may have mentioned previously, I went to Blackpool last week to see Fangs On Fur.

I do not go to Blackpool lightly. Last time I went there it all went a bit wrong for me.

This time, it went a bit righter. And I have some holiday snaps to prove it. Here's Blackpool Tower under a scowling sky...

The sandy-coloured expanse in the foreground is Blackpool's new, artificial concrete sand dunes. I kid you not. In a bid to spruce up the sea front, they've built concrete sand dunes. Strangely, they work quite well - and are certainly a cut above plain old concrete paving. Given that the town needs some sort of hard surfacing along the sea front - to act as a sea wall, aside from anything else - it's not badly done.

As part of Blackpool's spruce-up, strange ART objects have appeared on the sea front - like these, erm, big black things on stalks. I don't know if they're supposed to represent flowers, or sperms, or space aliens, but they're made of flexible metal and they wave around quite alarmingly in the wind coming off the Irish Sea:

More ART. This strange looming thing is a sea organ. Pipes run out from it into the sea. The ebb and flow of the water pushes air up the pipes - so the sea plays the organ. It creates a rather lovely spooky-ambient sound. I could've sat there for ages, listening to it....if it wasn't blowing a howling gale at the time.

Yes, Blackpool has certainly had an ART attack since I was last there... is the town now a slicked-up 'n' kewl enclave of elegant ART? Or does the scruffy old Blackpool still exist?

We shall find out in the next episode!

Blackpool, part 2....this way.

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