Nemesis To Go (nemesis_to_go) wrote,
Nemesis To Go

Nathan's Barley water

Here's an alarming thing. Proto-hipster Nathan Barley is ten years old.

Although he was conceived as a one-man encapsulation of uber-trendy ghastliness, with hindsight Nathan Barley seems like an almost endearing character - and it's hard not to wish the world depicted in the series really was like that.

On the one hand the show is a bit like watching terrible people in the middle of a comedy car crash, but it also documents a time when any random chancer with a daft idea could actually make it in the world of media.

Now, alas, it's different - as Andrew Harrison notes in The Guardian:

"You can laugh at the Sugar Ape team, and they are moronic," says Steve Beale, founding editor of the late style magazine Sleazenation and subsequently business director at Lazarides Galleries. "But at least they were doing it for the sake of expressing themselves. Back then, the style media was a way into journalism for young talent from outside London. It was feasible then, but that door has totally closed now. Who can just move into Hoxton Square on spec now? Today the media is just a career option for Head Boy and Head Girl types. Talent without connections and money just can’t get a look in."

Still, the website is still up. A glimpse of a simpler time, when smartphones weren't even all that smart. for ever!

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