Nemesis To Go (nemesis_to_go) wrote,
Nemesis To Go

Psycho drift

Here's a nice slice of post-witch wave-gaze spook-psych, from the forthcoming album by Shriekback.

It's a fine example of a classic Shriekback drifting-in-a-warm-lagoon number, like the soundtrack to a pool party down at SpaceTime Tanks. But keep your tin hat handy - the heavy artillery will be winched into position elsewhere on the album. 'Tis the calm before the storm, I tell ye.

Shriek-geeks: did you can spot the traditional line from another Shriekback song? "The air is full of our cries" also appears in the lyric to 'Nighttown' on the Go Bang album of 1988.

I'll get me cagoule.

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