January 20th, 2015

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We'll go no more a-roving. Or, perhaps, we will.

Motoring news....for the Rover owners among us (are there any Rover owners among us?)

This is a crazy idea, but it might just work.

Some of the 'soft roader' models in the Land Rover range don't really fit the brand image. The Freelander (which is essentially a normal estate car) and the two-wheel drive Evoque (in itself a fundamental dilution of the Land Rover identity) would arguably do better as Rovers.

Meanwhile, if you want a new Rover, you can get one...in China. And they're not quite called Rovers.
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Green ink time

Here are the latest instalments of my campaign to put the world to rights, one why-oh-why letter at a time.

I wrote to Heritage Railway Magazine on the subject of access to steam depots (which is mostly forbidden...except at one). An arcane subject, you might think, but a matter of some import to those of us who like to get close to large, hot machines belching steam.

I ended up in the coveted (it is coveted, isn't it?) STAR LETTER spot. Those are my photos, too. Alas, I didn't win a crisp fiver. Still, good points well put by me there, I think you'll agree.

And...I also have a letter in the current ish of Rail Express magazine, in which I wax lyrical (well, I wax, anyway) on the subject of London connections to certain stations in the North-East.

At this rate I'll soon be able to publish a volume of my Collected Letters...