March 2nd, 2015

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Jean genie

Scientists agree that you can't have too much Shriekback in your life. So here's another tune from the band's new album, which is about to drop upon us from a great height any minute now.

A trademark Shriek-collision of groove 'n' noise here, I think. And you can't beat those machine gun-burst snare drum flourishes, which Martyn Barker chucks in as casually as if he's drumming his fingers on a desk. That's the way to do it, kids.

There are some notes on the song by Carl Marsh on the Shriekback blog, if you'd care to look. He mentions that 'Recessive Jean' is somewhat, somehow, related to 'Feelers', an old-school Shrieks song which was recorded in several different versions, with seceral different line-ups, but never actually turned up on an album. Now, all we need is for an enterprising DJ to try a mash-up...

...and the words "Here is a face plumber bearing improvised food" really should go on a T-shirt.