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The day the world turned dayglo [Mar. 4th, 2015|12:17 pm]
Nemesis To Go
This photo has not been tweaked in Photoshop. The world really did go pink last Sunday.

I took this picture around 6pm at Widford, Hertfordshire.

I went there to pick up some vintage Land Rover parts I'd won on eBay (for a SONG, I tellya. A SONG. Those panels often go for over £200).

On the way home a sudden rainstorm coincided with the sunset - and the world took on this pink colour. I stopped (rather illegally, I must admit) to take a pic.

It all looks a bit alien, doesn't it? I also like the lights of an approaching car lighting up my Land Rover's cab. Rather Repo Man, I reckon.

Here is a close-up of my nice new back panel. Very good condition - some of the others you see on eBay (even the top-dollar ones) are drastically bashed about. This one looks like it's hardly used - admittedly for the Land Rover value of 'hardly used'. (By the way, note my Mini Clubman wheel hose dispenser. No part of the buffalo is wasted!)

And - bonus upon bonus - it's not a Series 3 (1971 - 1985) panel, as advertised. It's actually a Series 2 (1959 - 1971) panel, which means it's the correct period for my Land Rover, and actually rather rare.

Having said that, there's only one small point of difference...

The Series 2 panel was assembled with a slightly different type of rivet.

I'll get me anorak.

[User Picture]From: bethnoir
2015-03-04 03:53 pm (UTC)

pretty in pink

that was riveting!
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